Final 425 Leadership Project


My Project Proposal

For my final project in this course, I will be writing about theories that are similar, but have noted differences. My research should be helpful to leaders who are interested in effective leadership strategies. I will be comparing Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership.  They both have been effective means of moving towards a common goal, but they have many different tactics.  For example, Transactional leadership is common in organizations.  The followers are accomplishing tasks for the leader for positive rewards or to avoid negative punishments. The commandments of this leader are clear and concise. Communication between the leader and followers should make the leader and the followers distant in their power.

In Transformational Leadership, the followers and the leader will be transformed by the journey to the end goal. The leader is lively and persuasive. Unlike other leadership strategies, the transformational leader’s positivity makes the followers want to accomplish the same overarching goal.  The enthusiasm spreads from the leader to the follower and vise versa.

I hope to establish a relationship between this too in a work setting and personal setting. Which of these leadership strategies is most beneficial to the leader, followers and the accomplishment of the goal?  Looking at leaders who have shown these tactics in the past will help me dictate which is most powerful in various settings. One may be more beneficial to getting followers excited about the journey, while another may foster a faster accomplishing of goals.

A successful leader knows how to maintain good relations with his/her followers to accomplish a goal. Many methods can be used to reap success within a group, but I believe these two are more successful.  Though they are drastically different, they are working towards a goal.


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