Bio, Philosophy & Experience


My name is Leah. I am a Communications major with a Communication Sciences and Disorders minor. I am currently taking a Leadership class and this portfo13924954_10207351175837869_1851465940393578261_nlio is a composition of my studies for the course.

At the beginning of the semester, I chose a topic to study closely throughout the semester and analyze in a Final Course Project. This, along with several other papers, are a compilation of what I have learned about leadership.

My Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is advocating change. For whatever someone believes in, they have the power to motivate others toward the same goal. Being a leader does not necessarily mean you have a title. Being a leader can solely be the result of others looking up to you. With this being said, if you have something positive to contribute to the world, or even your neighbor who’s having a bad day, why not inspire positive change?

Something as small as making someone smile is a sign that you have the power to be a leader. Secondary, for effective leadership, building coalitions is extremely relevant to its effectiveness. I believe servant leadership and transformational leadership styles are both beneficial to the leader and the followers of an organization. When a leader and his or her employees can communicate effectively and lessen the power distance between each position, they are all able to contribute creativity without feeling inferior or superior.



I have enjoyed having leaderships and I have enjoyed being led by others. What constitutes someone as being a leader? I believe leaders are those who are willing to speak on their beliefs and are willing to make a change. It is likely that other people feel the same way and want to put energy into making that difference as well. This is why forming relationships and advocating something of importance is vital to being a good leader.

I have enjoyed having leadership positions in the past. Mainly because I like when I can contribute something positive or make a difference. Being a middle child, I have always hated fighting and disharmony. Growing up, I disliked leaders being bossy, but also understood leaders needed to gain respect. I think the best way to gain respect is work with others so they will want to do well, not just for the leader, but also for their own satisfaction.